Educational Meeting: Temperament Traits

When: Back to Calendar March 5, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Where: First United Methodist Church
400 E. Grand River Rd.
Contact: Barb Lane

Educational Meeting:  TEMPERAMENT TRAITS -  We all have them, why not understand them?


Julie Swanson

Join us while we explore temperament traits and the role they play in positive/negative family dynamics. We’ll discuss nine temperament traits and fill out a temperament tool/continuum regarding your own family members. Discover how your immediate family or your family of origin express their ‘hard wired’ temperament. You’ll learn about how the “goodness of fit” between family members positively influences relationships, as well as what to do when there is a mismatch of traits. Understanding the role of temperament in family dynamics is enlightening and a good foundation for improving all relationships.

Julie Swanson is a Speech/Language Pathologist and Early Interventionist who has worked extensively with families of 0-5-year olds for the past 15 years.  She coaches parents whose children struggle with social emotional development and who may themselves, have diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health issues. She is an ‘Infant Family Specialist’ who is passionate about improving attachment relationships between parent and child in the early years of a family’s development.

Her experience as a woman “gifted” with ADHD gives her empathy for others who think and perceive differently.  She has also parented a son with special needs which provided her with insights that education could not provide.

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